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24-Jul-2017Studies on some specialized semi conductor electronic circuits and investigations of engineering properties of materials and soilGupta, Biswa RanjanDas, P N
24-Jul-2017Dielectric studies of some organic molecules in the liquid stateDas, AratiRoy, S B
24-Jul-2017Reaction of Aromatic N OxidesGangopadhyay, Sandip KumarMurthi, G S S
24-Jul-2017Studies on the malaria parasites of certain Himalayan animalsPal, NandalalDasgupta, B
24-Jul-2017Torsion in L beams under the effect of concentrated and distributed loadingGayen, Pankaj kumarSinha, N C
24-Jul-2017Studies on the migration of organic groups from organotin compounds containing tin oxygen linkages on preparation and properties of some organotin carboxylates stannoxanes and related organotin compoundsRoy, AbhijitGhosh, A K
24-Jul-2017Ionization and conductivity in polar liquid dielectricsGhosh, RobinSen, S N
4-Aug-2017Chemical investigation of naturally occurring carbocyclic compounds structure elucidation transformation and partial synthesis of terpenoidsMukhopadhyay, MadanmohanPradhan, B P
4-Aug-2017Studies on organometallic derivatives of group IVA elements on preparation properties and reactions of some Sn O bonded and related organotin compoundsDatta, DebranjanGhosh, A K and Majee, B
4-Aug-2017Studies on the parasitic behaviour of three species of calliphorid flies with notes onthe occurrence synanthropy and sex ratio of calliphorid sarcophagid and muscid flies in Siliguri city Darjeeling West Bengal IndiaRoy, PronobeshDasgupta, B