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15-Sep-2020A study on some aspects of fuzzy normed linear spaces and l fuzzy metric spacesSharma, MamiHazarika, Debajit
15-Sep-2020Discretization of certain univariate continuous Distributions Properties and applicationsSaikia, Krishna RamBorah, Munidra
15-Sep-2020Development of a decision support system for decentralized energy generation using biomass gasificationBaruah, DipalBaruah, Debendra Chandra
15-Sep-2020Hindi kee samakaleen Muslim mahila upanyaskaron ke upanyason ka anushilanRoy, AparajitaTripathi, Suryakant
14-Sep-2020Development of machine vision system for color measurement of dairy productsMinz, Prashant SaurabhSingh, Charanjiv and Sawhney, I.K.
14-Sep-2020Adunika Kannada Mahilla Kavyadalli Prathibatneya NelegalluSuma SMattihall N
14-Sep-2020Jaipur Atrooli Garanneya Gayanada Vyshisttegallu Mattu E Shyallige Dharwad Jilleya KodugeJaipur Atrooli Garanneya Gayanada Vyshisttegallu Mattu E Shyallige Dharwad Jilleya KodugeParusharam SharanappaAgadi M
14-Sep-2020Effect of Integrated Therapy in Patients with Schizophrenia An Intervention StudyHegde Gayatri TAminabhavi V A
14-Sep-2020A Study of Cognitive Styles Personality Needs and Metacognitive Awareness in Relation to Academic Achievement of Central School Students of High Achievers Low Achievers and Under AchieversRangannavar BhimappaShahapur N P
14-Sep-2020Institutional Finance for Entrepreneurship Development in North Karnataka A Study Of Dharwad DistrictGasti Abhaykumar SChandramma M
14-Sep-2020Trichoderma spp Mediated Bioremediation against Malathion in Selected PlantsSingh, BinduMonowar Alam Khalid
14-Sep-2020Immunochemical Studies on Glycated Hemoglobin by D Ribose Role in type 2 Diabetes MellitusSiddiqui. ZebaSaheem Ahmad
14-Sep-2020Mechanistic Elucidation of Therapeutic Potential of Nigella Sativa Compounds Thymol and Thymoquinone in Human Lung and Breast CancerJamal E FatimaMohd Aslam Yusuf
14-Sep-2020Optimizing Energy Requirements for Cloud Services during Virtual Machine Live MigrationInderjeet SinghSawtantar Singh Khurmi
14-Sep-2020Performance analysis of identity authentication and certificateless signcryption techniques for secured cloud data storage and communicationJawahar MSabari A
14-Sep-2020A Study To Develop a Security Algorithm for Sybil Attack for Environment in Internet of Things EstablishmentManpreet KaurSawtantar Singh Khurmi
14-Sep-2020Performance enhancement of hash based parallel deduplication modelJane rubel angelina JSundarakantham K
14-Sep-2020Generative model driven representation learning with discriminative classifier for environmental audio scene and sound event recognitionJayalakshmi S LChandrakala S
14-Sep-2020Implementation and performance evaluation of scaled precision model for ofdm synchronizationJanakiraman VKannan M
14-Sep-2020Application of Software Metrics on Clouds in Process of AssessmentPallavi narangINDERJEET SINGH HUDIARA