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11-Apr-2020East Indian Railways_ Mughalsarai to Kanpur 1850 to 1951_ A study of impact on urbanisationNeha LalSwaraj Basu
9-Apr-2020Detection of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aurus with special reference to mec a genePatil N.R.Ghorpade M.V.
9-Apr-2020A study of enterococci isolated from various clinical specimens with reference to antibiogramWavare S.M.Ghorpade M.V.
9-Apr-2020Molecular analysis of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in childhood and adolescence evaluation of kcnq3 brd2 and lg14 gene mutationsManiyar R.Z.Doshi M.A.
9-Apr-2020Study of neural tube defects and associated pathogenesis in chick embryos administered with cyclophosphamide and sodium valproateShabana S.B.Doshi M.A.
9-Apr-2020Effects of acyclovir insulin and ondansetron on developing chick embroyo histological and histochemical studyBokariya P.Doshi M.A.
9-Apr-2020Roll of colosterum powder dressing on wound healingKambale KKshirsagar A.Y.
9-Apr-2020A study of mucin histochemistry of normal benigh prostetic hyperplasia and carcinoma of human prostateAmbali M.P.Doshi M.A.
9-Apr-2020Carbapeneme resistant enterobacteriancae with special reference to ndm 1 gene in a tertiary teaching hospitalPawar S.K.Mohite S.T.
9-Apr-2020A Study to Assess Effect of Planned Early Ambulation on Post Caesarean PatientsJYOTI V DUBEN S KSHIRSAGAR
9-Apr-2020formulation of physical growth standards for adolescent 10 15 years population in satara districtPatil S.S.Durgawale P.M.
9-Apr-2020A method of Web Document Clustering Using Concept based Mining ModelRaja Varma PambaElizabeth Sherly
9-Apr-2020A method of Web Document Clustering Using Concept based Mining ModelRaja Varma PambaElizabeth Sherly
9-Apr-2020Branch Expansion Programmes Of Commercial Banks In Chittoor District With A Rural BiasisBhanumurthy An.d.
9-Apr-2020spectrum of blood borne viral hepatitis with special reference to genotypes of hepatitis cPatil S.R.Ghorpade M.V.
9-Apr-2020Analysis of customer satisfaction and preference in insurance sector with reference to tata aia life insurance co ltd JodhpurVyas, SmitaNihalani, Meeta
9-Apr-2020Consumers Perception of E AdvertisingAhlluwalia, SarikaSingh, Seema
9-Apr-2020Nrega Mgnrega a tool for the elimination of the unemployment in rural areas in the context of araria districtRavi Shankar KumarRoy, Jawahar Lal
9-Apr-2020Bhartiye state bank ke vikas mein praudyotiki unnayan kee bhumika ka vishleshanatmak adhyyan pashchimi kshetra ke vishesh sandarbh meinGupta Montu KumarJain N.K.
9-Apr-2020Bainkon ki sakh vyavastha per bank dar ke prabhaav ka adhyyanGupta AnuAgarwal Anurag