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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jan-2016Effect of sublethal treatments of certain molluscicides on on the reproduction of snail Lymnaea AcuminataSingh, VatsalaTiwari, J N
17-Aug-2017Studies on biology management of climbing cutworm of rice Mythimna Separata Walk Lepidoptera Noctuidae in eastern U PPandey, Rohit KumarTiwari, J N
17-Aug-2017Studies on some aspect of reproduction in female and cotton bug Dysdercus Koenigii FabrSingh, DiwakarTiwari, J N
1-Nov-2017Studies on some aspects of host parasite biological interactions between sugarcane leaf hopper Pyrilla Perpusilla walker and Epipyrops Melanoleuca fletcherSingh, NityaTiwari, J N
17-Aug-2017Studies on some aspects of reproduction in Dysdercus Koenigii fabr Heteroptera PyrrhocoridaeGupta, Ram ChandraTiwari, J N
14-Aug-2017Studies on the biology and management of Mythimna Separata with special reference to biochemical changes during embryonic developmentVerma, Satyendra KumarTiwari, J N
18-Aug-2017Studies on the changes in the levels of various compounds during embryonic development in the eggs of rice moth Corcyra Cephalonica stainton Lepidoptera PyralidaeChaubey, Surya NarainTiwari, J N
17-Aug-2017Studies on the histopathological effects of thiourea on the gonads of the Epilachna Dodecastigma MulsYadava, Rajesh KumarTiwari, J N
23-Aug-2017Toxicity and long term effects of pesticides on protein and nucleic acid metabolism in liver and ovary of a tropical fresh water catfish clarias batrachus BlochGupta, AartiTiwari, J N