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14-Aug-2017Bioaccumulation of organochlorines and organophophate insecticides in fishes of the river Gomti and ponds of Gujartal Jaunpur during pre monsoon and post monsoonNigam, Santosh KumarSingh, Pratap Bahadur
17-Aug-2017Effect of sex steroids on phospholipid metabolism histological changes in gonads and gamete maturation in the catfish Heteropneustes Fossilis BlochSahu, VikashSingh, Pratap Bahadur
17-Aug-2017Effects of estradiol 17b and 17a 20b dihydroxy 4 pregnen 3 one steroid hormones on various phospholipid metabolism histological changes in gonads and GVBD during reproductive growth in the catfish Heteropneustes FossilisPandey, Sanjay KumarSingh, Pratap Bahadur
18-Aug-2017Effects of photoperiod on phospholipid metabolism and gamete maturation during different reproductive phases in the freshwater catfish Heteropneustes Fossilis BlochKumar, SwatantraSingh, Pratap Bahadur
14-Aug-2017Effects of temperature and gonadectomy on phospholipid metabolism in immature catfish Heteropneustes fossilis BlochSrivastava, ShaillySingh, Pratap Bahadur
17-Aug-2017Studies on skin parasites of freshwater food fishes of Eastern Uttar PradeshAsthana, Pushpendra KumarSingh, Pratap Bahadur
14-Aug-2017Studies on some biochemical parameters in a freshwater teleost Heteropneustes Fossilis Bloch in response to agrochemical exposure during its annual reproductive cycleVerma, Krishna DeoSingh, Pratap Bahadur