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14-Jun-2016A comparative study of self confidence national feeling and feeling of risk taking of adolescent children of civilian parents and military persons studying in army public schoolVarma, Kirti RaniSharma, Saroj
22-Jan-2016A study of adjustment feeling of security insecurity and scholastic achievement of wards of house wife and service womenSharma, KanchanSharma, Saroj
22-Jan-2016A study of curiosity social behaviour obedient disobedient tendency and school satisfaction of girls of various categories of higher secondary levelDahiya, GeetaSharma, Saroj
14-Jun-2016A study of personal values level of aspiration and feeling of family prestige of adolescent girls belonging to modern composite and traditional familiesGoyal, DimpalSharma, Saroj
22-Jan-2016A study of superstitious and non superstitious B Ed students in decision making ability self confidence and stressBhojak, GangaSharma, Saroj
9-Jun-2016A study of teaching competence self concept of teachers and their attitude towards training programmes of teachers related to sarva shiksha abhiyanShih, BirabalSharma, Saroj
18-Apr-2016Association of aerobactin with other virulence factors in acute Escherichia Coli urinary tract infectionHarjai, KusumSharma, Saroj
10-Jul-2015Chattisgardh lokgatha ki parmpara or lorik chanda aek anushilanSharma, SarojPathak, Vinay Kumar
21-Apr-2016Effect of gram negative bacteria on activity of resident alveolar macrophages and lung tissue in polyunsaturated fatty acids fed experimental miceKalia, SonicaSharma, Saroj
2-Jun-2016Expression of iron regulated outer membrane proteins in escherichia coli and their potential for preventive intervention in urinary tract infectionsSharma, RakeshSharma, Saroj
7-Apr-2016Immunoprotective potential of escherichia coli K antigen conjugate against experimental ascending pyelonephritisKumar, VarinderSharma, Saroj
18-Apr-2016Mechanism of renal tissue injury in chronic pyelonephritis and its preventionRani, RamaSharma, Saroj
5-May-2016Protective efficacy of vi antigen in Salmonella infectionsRawal, InderjitSharma, Saroj
13-Apr-2016The effect of frequencies of KR nACH and personality on the performance of line drawing and Muller Lyer illusionSharma, SarojMohan, Vidhu