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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Oct-2016Breakdown potentials of dry air and properties of discharge plasma in longitudinal magnetic fieldSelvarajan, VNatarajan, A
6-Mar-2014Central- Asia India relations since 1985 : a case study of Uzbekistan and KazakhstanSelvarajan, VPatnaik, Ajay
4-Jul-2016Characterization of a DC plasma spray torch temperature of plasma and spheroidization of nickel aluminium and nickel aluminium compositeShanmugavelayutham, GSelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Characterization of a plasma spray torch and particle behaviour in a thermal plasmaRamasamy, RSelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Experimental design and performance analysis of alumina coatings deposited by Plasma and detonation gun spray processesSaravanan, PSelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Plasma spheroidization and in flight formation of aluminides of nickel and iron and their effect on properties of surface coatingsKumar, SSelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Studies on the influence of process variables on quality and properties of AI2O3 and AI2O3 TiO2 coatings prepared by plasma sprayingRamachandran, KSelvarajan, V
7-Jul-2016Studies on trajectories of a positive ion in a magnetoelectrostatic trapRamalingam, H BSelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Studies on trajectories of a single charged particle in cusped magnetic fieldsRajendran, KSelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Studies on trajectories of a single charged particle in cusped magnetic fields with special reference to initial phase angleVijayalakshmi, K ASelvarajan, V
4-Jul-2016Study of plasma confined by cusp and mirror magnetic fieldsKaliani, A AnuSelvarajan, V