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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Oct-2016A study on human resource management in cement industries in Ariyalur District Tamil NaduPerumalsamy, RRajendran, N
18-Oct-2016Contextualising St Ramalinga in the nineteenth century Tamil societyPandiyan, KRajendran, N
14-Mar-2018Corrosion behavior of nitrides on 316L SS bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cellS, Pugal ManiRajendran, N
16-Nov-2017Development of Nanostructured titanium alloys for biomedical applicationsL, MohanRajendran, N
2-Jul-2013Dr Muthulakshmi Reddi : social reform and women’ s upliftment a studyGowri, GRajendran, N
2-Jul-2013The Dutch east India company settlements in Tamil Nadu, 1602-1825- a study in political economyRavichandran, SRajendran, N
16-Nov-2017Evaluation of atmospheric corrosion products formed on low and high alloy steels in severe environmentP, DhaiveeganRajendran, N
3-Jul-2013History of cyclones on the Coromandel coast with special reference to Tamil Nadu, 1800-1900Kamala Devi, SRajendran, N
19-Oct-2016History of Indian space research _ a studyAsokan, TRajendran, N
13-Oct-2016Impact of lift irrigation on agricultural production income cropping pattern and employment in Thanjavur DistrictRajendran, NGovindaraj, T
17-Oct-2016Indo_U S Relations strategic importance and security issuesSethuraman, NRajendran, N
13-Oct-2016Institutional assistance for the development of small_scale industries in Tiruchirapalli DistrictRajendran, NSuriyamurthi, S
13-Oct-2016Multi_layered security architecture for WLAN in the corporate environmentRajendran, NAlbert Rabara, S
19-Oct-2016Nationalism and regionalism in Tamil Nadu congress Dravidian Movement 1937_1947 a studySuresh, MRajendran, N
18-Oct-2016Pattu Kesava Pillai a biographical study 1860_1933Muthusamy, MRajendran, N
21-Mar-2018Sanga illakiyathil varalatrup padivugalRajendran, NSudha, M
13-Oct-2016Sardar Vedaratnam Pillai _ a biographical study 1897_1961Pichai, TRajendran, N
13-Oct-2016Sculptural art of early temples in Pudukkottai District 700985 A DChandra Bose, ARajendran, N
19-Mar-2019Synthesis characterization and corrosion protection performance of benzimidazolium ionic liquids for carbon steel in acid environmentP, KannanRajendran, N
19-Oct-2016Tamil Nadu cricket association _ a studyJulius Vijayakumar, DRajendran, N