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22-Jun-2016Antioxidant behaviour and conformational aspects of dna binding of naphthyl hydroxamic acidsSingh,PriyankaPande, Rama
23-May-2015Application of the regular solution theory and protonation behaviour of n arylsubstituted hydraoxamicAgrawal, Manisha AshutoshPande, Rama
16-May-2016Application of the regular solution theory and protonation behaviour of N Arylsubstituted hydroxamic acidsAgrawal, Manisha AshutoshPande, Rama
10-Dec-2014Determination of physical constants of metal extratants hydroxamic acidsHarjit,J eenaPande, Rama
8-Jul-2019Fluorescence Based Interaction Studies of Nucleic Acids DNA And RNA With Hydroxamic AcidsKhilari, RubiPande, Rama
18-May-2015Hydroxamic acids as analytical reagentsPande, RamaTandon, S G
10-Dec-2014Hydroxamic acids as weak organic bases and solvent effects on their physical propertiesSarin, AnitaPande, Rama
1-Dec-2014Hydroxamic acids: physicochemical descriptors in property based drug designTripathi, ManoramaPande, Rama
23-Jun-2016Ionisation and binding constants of biomolecules hydroxamic acidsKhare, DeepeshPande, Rama
24-Jun-2016Physical and diffusion parametersof N arylhhydroxamic acidsYadava, Sushama SinghPande, Rama
14-May-2015Physico chemical studies on weak bases hydroxamic acidsPaul, ManjurikaPande, Rama
24-Jun-2016RP HPLC determination of lipophilicity of hydroxamic acidsThakur, Piyush KumarPande, Rama
18-Jun-2015Studies on base strength and Solute-Solvent interaction of metal extractions: Hydroxamic acidsTiwari, NidhiPande, Rama
22-Jun-2015Studies on protonation behaviour and physical parameters of weak organic bases : Hydroxamic acidsSharma, KiranPande, Rama