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9-Sep-2011Antimicrobial activity profiles of silver nanoparticles and their formulationsSoni, Rupali NarendrakumarPaknikar, K M
9-Mar-2017Bacterial degradation of cyanides thiocyantes and organo_cyanides under alkaline_saline conditionsBipinraj, N KPaknikar, K M
9-Mar-2017Interactions of gold with bacterial cells S_layers and their potential applicationsPuranik, Sarang SPaknikar, K M
28-Mar-2017Microbial interactions with arsenic and their possible use in bioremediation of arsenic contaminated watersMokashi, SonaliPaknikar, K M
16-Feb-2017Microbial reduction of hexavalent chromium from solutionsBhide, Jyutika VPaknikar, K M
28-Mar-2017Microbial synthesis of semiconductor and transition metal nanoparticles_ their physicochemical characterization and evaluation as nanomaterialsKowshik, MeenalPaknikar, K M
29-Mar-2017PCR based DNA fingerprinting of iron_and suifur_oxidizers and associated bacteria from mining ecosystemDhakephalkar, Anita PrashantPaknikar, K M
26-Aug-2019Studies on anti_diabetic activity of zinc based sub_micronic preparationsUmrani, Rinku DPaknikar, K M
24-Jan-2017Studies on biological detoxification of metal_cyanide containing industrial effluentsPatil, Yogesh BPaknikar, K M
26-Jun-2019Studies on magnetic fluid hyperthermia and chemotherapy for treatment of breast cancerKulkarni, VaishnaviPaknikar, K M
28-Mar-2017Studies on recovery of metals from waste water using microbial biomassPuranik, Pravin RPaknikar, K M
29-Mar-2017Studies on selenium reducing microorganismsMohod, ArchanaPaknikar, K M
28-Mar-2017Studies on sporopollenin for DNA preservationKulkarni, Prabhakar SPaknikar, K M
22-May-2017Synthesis and use of silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial agentJain, JayaPaknikar, K M
9-Mar-2017Uptake of heavy metals by filamentous fungi with special reference to biosorption and its newer applicationsPethkar, Aniruddha VasantPaknikar, K M