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8-Jan-2016Biochemical changes in some proteinaceous and oil yielding seeds by fungi in storageBose, AnjanaNandi, Balen
24-Jul-2018Biodegradation of some economic timbers by wood_rotting fungi and their preservationMedda, Raghu NathNandi, Balen
31-Dec-2015Cellulase production and saccharification of water hyacinth by Trichoderma sppBandyopadhyay, SunitaNandi, Balen
24-Jul-2018Decomposition of agricultural residues by soil microorganisms and their antagonism against some common phytopathogenic fungiChattopadhyay, Swapan KumarNandi, Balen
8-Jan-2016Fungal degradation of agroindustrial wastes and mycoprotein productionMitra, SubrataNandi, Balen
23-Dec-2015Investigation on two white rot and two brown rot fungi associated with decay of economic timbers and their preservationSamanta, AnupamNandi, Balen
26-Jul-2017Investigations on certain aspects of the biology of some wood rotting basidiomycetesNandi, BalenBanerjee, S N
26-Nov-2018Investigations on macrophomina phaseoli _Maubl_ ashby associated with stem rot of jute and its survival in presence of antagonistic organism in host rhizosphereMukhopadhyay, DebdasNandi, Balen
8-Jan-2016Microbial deterioration and associated biochemical changes in hard fat of seeds of Shorea robusta Gaertn fSadhu, Asit KumarNandi, Balen
27-Jul-2018Mycoflora associated with oil yielding seeds in storage and biochemical changes involved during deteriorationMondal, Gopal ChandraNandi, Balen
16-Jul-2018Studies on certain aspects of the physiology of fusarium moniliforme var subglutinans wr et rg and the associated malformation in MangoChattopadhyay, Narayan ChandraNandi, Balen
8-Jan-2016Studies on post_harvest rot of banana fruits caused by Botryodiplodia theobromae pat and the biochemical changes caused during decayChakrabarti, NityanandaNandi, Balen
7-Jan-2016Studies on some phylloplane microorganisms and their role in controlling diseases by fungal pathogensIslam, Khondkar ZahedulNandi, Balen