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19-Oct-2016Authentication schemes using smart card for secure communicationMarimuthu, KSravannan, R
17-Dec-2015Induced spawning in snakehead channa sp using natural and synthetic hormonesMarimuthu, KHaniffa, M A
27-Dec-2017Preparation structural and luminescence studies on dy3 sm3 eu3 and er3 yb3 doped borotellurite glassesMaheshvaran, KMarimuthu, K
8-Jan-2018Structural and Luminescence Studies of Sm3 Eu3 and Dy3 ions in Boro Phosphate Glasses for Photonic ApplicationsVijayakumar, RMarimuthu, K
24-Sep-2018Structural and optical properties of eu3 sm3 dy3 er3 and er3 yb3 ions in heavy metal oxide and oxyfluoride glasses for photonic applicationsArunkumar, SMarimuthu, K
10-Oct-2016Studies on plasma transferred ARC hardfacing of valve seat ringsMarimuthu, KMurugan, N
5-Jan-2018Synthesis structural and luminescence studies on dy3 sm3 and er3 doped alkali borate and alkali fluoroborate glassesArul Rayappan, IMarimuthu, K
27-Dec-2017Synthesis structural and luminescence studies on eu3 er3 and sm3 doped boro tellurite glassesSelvaraju, KMarimuthu, K
23-Jul-2019Synthesis structural and optical characterization of Dy3 Sm3 Tb3 single and Eu3 Dy3 Sm3 Tb3 codoped Borophosphate glasses for White light applicationsVijayakumar, MMarimuthu, K
19-Feb-2015Synthesis structural and spectroscopic studies on rare earth doped apatite britholite and stillwellite mineralsMarimuthu, KMuralidharan, G
16-Jul-2016Tamil ilakkiathin vithikkolkai the concept of destiny in Tamil literatureMarimuthu, KGopal, C P