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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Dec-2015Development of inorganic nanoparticleAnandha Raj, JManisankar, P
20-Mar-2018Development of newer electrochemical sensorsAbirama Sundari, PLManisankar, P
16-Mar-2018Electroanalysis of organic pollutantsGurumallesh Prabu, HManisankar, P
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies and electrochemical treatment of dyesRani, CManisankar, P
16-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies of modified systemsVedhi, CManisankar, P
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies of organic pollutantsSelvanathan, GManisankar, P
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies of organosulphur compoundsVenkateswaran, SManisankar, P
20-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies of some fine chemicals and dyesSomasundaram, RMManisankar, P
21-Mar-2018Electrochemical studies of toxic organicsViswanathan, SManisankar, P
16-Mar-2018Investigation on electrocatalytic reduction of molecular oxygen with 9_10_anthraquinone modifiersGomathi, AManisankar, P
16-Feb-2015Investigation on the development of newer electrochromic materialsIlangeswaran, DManisankar, P
16-Mar-2018Investigations on the analysis of pesticidesJestin Roy, DManisankar, P
20-Mar-2018Spectral and electrochemical studies of dyesSreeja, VManisankar, P
16-Mar-2018Spectral and electrochemical studies on some carbonyl compounds and their derivativesBasker, AManisankar, P
14-Aug-2019Studies on potent heterocyclic compoundsMuthuraja, PManisankar, P
5-Jan-2018Studies on the analysis of paint and cured filmsRajasekharan, VManisankar, P
14-Dec-2015Studies on the effect of chemical reagents on beneficiation of natural graphiteRavichandran, VManisankar, P
14-Dec-2015Studies on the electrocatalytic behavior of newer systemsValarselvan, SManisankar, P
15-Jul-2016Synthesis characterization and electrochromic applications of newer conducting polymerSasikumar, RManisankar, P
14-Dec-2015Synthesis characterization and electrochromic applications of newer conducting polymerSasikumar, RManisankar, P