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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jul-2016Aptness and applications of weibull law of mortality for infant and childhood agesMathew, Anil CKrishnamoorthy, S
27-Nov-2012Contribution to the Orlicz space of X sequence spacesBalasubramanian, SKrishnamoorthy, S
2-Jul-2013Contributions to the study on K Idempotent MatricesRajagopalan, TKrishnamoorthy, S
20-Mar-2018Contributions to the study on K_EP matricesKrishnamoorthy, SChandrasekhara Rao, K and Meenakshi, A R
17-Oct-2016Contributions to the study on S_EP matricesGunasekaran, KKrishnamoorthy, S
18-Oct-2016Contributions to the study on s_k_EP matricesRamesh, GKrishnamoorthy, S
14-Oct-2016Contributions to the study on s_normal matricesVijayakumar, RKrishnamoorthy, S
6-Oct-2016Determinants of child survival in the states of Kerala Orissa and Uttar Pradesh IndiaP N, RajnaKrishnamoorthy, S
6-Oct-2016Socio economic determinants of some selected intermediate variables of fertilityDhanabaghyam, NKrishnamoorthy, S
10-Oct-2016Stages of development and value of children in Tamilnadu IndiaDevaraj, KKrishnamoorthy, S
14-Oct-2016Studies in electroinitiated polymerisationMargaret, DaviesKrishnamoorthy, S
17-Oct-2016Studies on synthesis and characterisation of phenol_formaldehyde condensate resinsKathiresapandian, DKrishnamoorthy, S
18-Oct-2016Studies on synthesis and characterisation of sulphonated phenol_formaldehyde condensate resinsJeyashree, CKrishnamoorthy, S
18-Oct-2016Studies on the electrochemical behaviour of muntz metal in natural seawaterMohamed Sirajudeen, PKrishnamoorthy, S
23-Nov-2012A study on characterizations of T semiringsAruldoss, RKrishnamoorthy, S
17-Oct-2016Synthesis and characterization of new ion exchangersMaria Michael, AKrishnamoorthy, S