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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-Jul-2017Biochemical and genetic studies on phosphoenol pyruvate sugar phosphotransferase system in bacteriaSom, TapanGhosh, Sudhamoy
25-Jul-2017Biochemical studies on the utilization of fructose by azospirillum brasilenseMukhopadhyay, AmitGhosh, Sudhamoy
21-Jun-2017Carbohydrate metabolism of spirillum lipoferumBasu, KrishnaGhosh, Sudhamoy
24-Jul-2017Cloning sequencing and characterization of seed expressed acyl carrier protein ACP genes from brassica compestris CV B 54 AGRANI and studies of their expression during seed developmentDas, NiranjanGhosh, Sudhamoy
9-Oct-2017Enzymatic phosphorylation and epimerization of N acetyl glucosamine in animal tissuesDatta, AsisGhosh, Sudhamoy
15-Jun-2017Genetic and biochemical studies on nitrogen regulation in azospirillum brasilenseMandal, Asim KumarGhosh, Sudhamoy
4-Jun-2018Genetic and biochemical studies with carbohydrate mutants of Azospirillum brasilense particularly affecting the expression of fru operon and carbohydrate regulatory genesChattopadhyay, SudipGhosh, Sudhamoy
20-Jun-2017Metabolism of aminosugars and other related monosaccharides in yeast and bacteriaBanerjee, SantimoyGhosh, Sudhamoy
27-Jul-2017Metabolism of essential fatty acids in FishBandyopadhyay, Gautam KumarGhosh, Sudhamoy
21-Jun-2017Role of DNA binding proteins of bacteria in nucleic acid metabolism 1 studies with D protein in relation to its role in transcriptionDas, SunilGhosh, Sudhamoy
21-Jun-2017Studies on iron transport and outer membrane proteins of arospirillum brasilenseBachhawat, Anand KumarGhosh, Sudhamoy
21-Jun-2017Studies on the expression of beta lactamase gene bla of a broad host range plasmid RP4 in azospirillum brasilenseDutta, Sib HariGhosh, Sudhamoy
16-Jun-2017Studies on the regulation of nitrogenase in spirillum lipoferumRauth, SikhaGhosh, Sudhamoy
21-Jun-2017Studies with extrachromosomal elements as substrate of a new endonuclease of escherichia coliSen, UjjwalaGhosh, Sudhamoy
21-Jun-2017Studies with spirillum lipoferum and its plasmid pPAB identification of the plasmid and amino acid metabolism of the bacteriumBhattacharya, PradipGhosh, Sudhamoy