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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
31-Dec-2015A biosocial study of beta_thalassaemiaBhowmik, MondiraGhosh, A K
15-Jun-2017A comparative study on the impact of tourism on the environment of Darjeeling and Gangtok towns and the challenge for their sustainable developmentSaha, SutapaGhosh, A K
21-Jun-2017A study of preying mantids insecta of Indian regionMukhopadhyay, Tushar KantiGhosh, A K
4-Jun-2018A study on the stratigraphy of the bagh beds of Madhya Pradesh with special reference to palaeobotany and invertebrate paleontologyPal, Ajit KumarGhosh, A K
12-Jul-2017Aphids of North East IndiaGhosh, A KChaudhuri, D N Ray
21-Oct-2015A bio_social demographic study among the war Khasi of MeghalayaKhongsdier, RomendroGhosh, A K
23-Feb-2017Co ordination complexes of organo tin compounds with some selected ligands a study on organo tin hydroxamatesChoudhuri, Soumitra KumarGhosh, A K
21-Oct-2015The convicts of Shillong: a socio_demographic studyKharshiing, Asangla ImchenGhosh, A K
28-Jul-2017Digestive organs and digestion in some Fishes amphibia and reptiliaGhosh, ChittaranjanGhosh, A K
18-Dec-2015Employee training and development in selected paint companies in India a case studyBaidya, DebasisGhosh, A K
31-Dec-2015Ethnicity in Manipur_ experiences issues and perspectivesVashum, Lucy ThomasGhosh, A K
23-Dec-2015Interaction of octahedral rhodium III complexes with bio_active ligands kinetic and mechanistic studiesMukhopadhyay, Sudip KumarGhosh, A K
23-Dec-2015Kinetic and mechanistic studies of the substitution on octahedral Ru II complexesChattopadhyay, HridayGhosh, A K
23-Dec-2015Kinetics and mechanism of the substitution on palladium II complexes with special emphasis on bioactive ligandsMoi, Sankar ChandraGhosh, A K
16-Nov-2016Kinetics of substitution on octahedral rhodium iii complexesBera, Biplab KumarGhosh, A K
17-Nov-2016Mechanistic studies on substitution reactions of some square planar platinum_ii_complexesParnajyoti KarmakarGhosh, A K
10-Jul-2017Morphological and geochemical studies of polymetallic nodules from four sectors in the central Indian ocean basin between 11 degree South and 16 degree south latitudesMukhopadhyay, RanadhirGhosh, A K
27-Jul-2017On the palaeobotany and biostratigraphy of the palaeogene deposits of Eastern India with particular reference to MeghalayaSarma, RatnaGhosh, A K
21-Apr-2017Organotin complex compounds a study on substituted hydroxylamine derivatives on preparation and properties of some organotin N substituted Benzohydroxamates and study of a few related reactionsPradhan, BibekanandaGhosh, A K
23-Feb-2017Organotin derivatives of carbonyl activated unsaturated organic compounds and their Lewis acid charactersKaranjai, ManjuGhosh, A K