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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
26-May-2016Biochemical studies on the keeping quality of frozen buffalo semenBhosrekar, MadhukerGanguli, N C
4-May-2016Characterisation of membrane proteins of buffalo milk fat globulesBhavadasan, M KGanguli, N C
4-May-2016Physico chemical properties of milk proteins from crossbred animalsBhatia, Krishan LalGanguli, N C
4-May-2016Radioisotopic studies on the formation of casein micelles based on its interaction with amino acidsChakrabarti, Subhash RanJanGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Radioisotopic studies on the mechanism of synthesis and secretion of rennin in the abomasumAngelo, Ivan AseemGanguli, N C
19-Jul-2017Studies on aromatic biosynthesis in plantsNandy, MinatiGanguli, N C
20-May-2016Studies on enzymes of buffalo milk with special reference to alkaline phosphataseSharma, Radhey ShyamGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on ghee prepared from milk of cottonseed fed animals and animal body fats with a view to detect adulterationTandon, R NGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on micellar casein in relation to sialic acid and rennet actionKumar, PershotamGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on some physico chemical aspects of fat globule membrane protein isolated from buffalo milkBandyopadhyay, Amal KrishnaGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on the changes in the fat globule membrane proteins during lactationSingh, SukhminderGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on the heat induced changes on milk proteins with a view to improve the quality of Buffalo milk productsStephen, JoseGanguli, N C
20-May-2016Studies on the optimum conditions for the production and purification of rennet from fistulated cow calvesNain, Chander KanwalGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on the physico chemical aspects of goat milk proteins with a view to utilize goat milk for dairy productsSingh, AjitGanguli, N C
24-May-2016Studies on the synthesis of proteins by the mammary gland under different physiological conditionsSingh, JaspalGanguli, N C