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16-May-20171 3_Addition and dipolar cycloaddition reactions of D_glucose derived nitrone_ synthesis and evaluation of glycosidase inhibitory activity of indolizidine alkaloidsKaranjule, Narayan SavaleramDhavale, Dilip D
26-Aug-2019Chiron approach towards the syntheses of amino acids_ piperidine_ azepane_ polyhydroxylated pyrrolizidine alkaloids and activation of diazo_ketones using visible light photoredox catalysis and dyeRohokale, Rajendra ShankarDhavale, Dilip D
24-Jul-2017Chiron approaches to glycosidase inhibitor azepanes and c1_c6 segment of carbonolide b_aglycone of carbomycin bTilekar, Jayant NarayanDhavale, Dilip D
13-Feb-2017Chiron approachest to polyhydrroxylated pyrrolidine indolizidine pyrrolizidine alkaloidas and sphingolipidsChaudhari, Vinod DinkarDhavale, Dilip D
24-Jul-2017D glucose derived nitrone in the synthesis of quinolizidine indolizidine alkaloids and aminocyclopentitol promising glycosidase inhibitorsJachak, Santosh MadhukarDhavale, Dilip D
16-May-2017Rhodium carbenoids in D_ glucose derived gamma_diazo beta_keto esters mechanistic study and applicationsKarche, Navnath PopatDhavale, Dilip D
19-Apr-2017Sugars in the synthesis of nojirimycin analogues and aryl C_glycosyl derivativesSaha, Nabendu NilmaniDhavale, Dilip D
30-May-2017Synthesis and glycosidase inhibitory activity studies of monocyclic and bicyclic iminosugars from D_glucose and an attempt towards the synthesis of griseolic acid using rhodium _II_ carbenoid cheemistryAjish Kumar, K SDhavale, Dilip D
16-Feb-2017Synthesis of nojirimycin analogues from sugar nitrones and applications of rhodium carbenoids in carbohydratesDesai, Vijaya NarayanDhavale, Dilip D
10-Apr-2017Synthesis of polyhydroxylated indolizidine and pyrrolidine alkaloids and study of their immunosupressive activityVyavahare, Vinod PopatraoDhavale, Dilip D