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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
29-Sep-2011Analysis of blood lactate removal responces to different durations of active and passive recovery among JudokasAhmed, PraveenDey, R N
21-Oct-2011Anthropometric and physiological correlates of motor fitness of tribal and non tribal students at different age levelsCharles, JoseletDey, R N
24-Oct-2011Circulatory and respiratory responses to graded exercises among untrained, anaerobically trained and aerobically trained individualsJohn, Manga PulinthanatbuDey, R N
24-Oct-2011Comparative and relationship of performance in skipping, treadmill, bicycle ergometer and harvard step testSarkar, Lakshmi NarayanDey, R N
31-Oct-2011Comparative study of physical fitness components of pubescent boys and girls belonging to different regions of IndiaPkhariyal, SushmaDey, R N
2-Nov-2011Comparison in selected physical and physiological variables between national level sprint and long distance swimmersRay, RajatDey, R N
2-Nov-2011Comparison of selected health related physical fitness components of female Indian classical dancers and physical educatorsBandyopadhyay, SagarikaDey, R N
3-Nov-2011Cross sectional study on age, sex, hight and weight in relation to motor development among boys and girlsNair, AshaDey, R N
30-Sep-2011Effect of aerobics on health related physical fitness variables and blood parameters of middle aged diabetic patientsGoswami, JogiswarDey, R N
27-Sep-2011Effect of eight weeks Isokinetic and isotonic strength training of lower limbs on peak torque, torque acceleration energy, average power and their relationship with selected soccer techniquesDutta, PradipDey, R N
2-Nov-2011Effect of industrial pollution on selected cardio respiratory variables of industrial inhabitantsBanerjee, Raghu NathDey, R N
21-Oct-2011Effect of selected anthropometric measurements, motor fitness components and physiological variables of males and femalesMenon, UshaDey, R N
17-Oct-2011Effect of sixteen weeks Aerobic training programme on Serum Lipoprotein profiles and body composition variables among middle aged menRamesh Kumar, P ADey, R N
2-Nov-2011Environmental stress on cardio respiratory endurance and associated physiological responsesAppaji, B BDey, R N
22-Sep-2011Explosion of women sports in Manipur: an analytical surveySingh, Yengkhom SantikumarDey, R N
3-Nov-2011Physical and physiological profiles of indian national level ArchersSubir Deb NathDey, R N
2-Nov-2011Physical and physiological variables as predictive factor of national level rowersDay, Pratyush KumarDey, R N
30-Sep-2011Physical and physiological variables as predictors of playing ability of Badminton playersPramanick, PrasantapatiDey, R N
2-Nov-2011Selected physiological characteristics of junior women Basketball playersGaur, KalpanaDey, R N
2-Nov-2011A study on biorhythm of selected Hockey skill performance on varying sleeping timingsDutta, TapanDey, R N