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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Aug-2019Characterization of potential probiotic bacteria isolated from gallus gallus subsp domesticus intestineRizwana Parveen Rani, MDavid Ravindran, A
2-Aug-2019Distribution population density and conservation of hornbills in southern western ghatsAbraham, Mirium MDavid Ravindran, A
25-Apr-2014Effect of biological sources and graded levels of chemical fertilizers on tomato Lycopersicon esculentum MillGanesh, SDavid Ravindran, A
3-Oct-2018Interaction between arbuscular mycorrhiza and rhizobium sp on the growth of arachis hypogaealRamachandran, A.MDavid Ravindran, A
5-Jan-2018Lipid productivity a key characteristic in microalgal species for biodiesel productionPrabakaran, PDavid Ravindran, A
8-Jan-2018Microbiological quality of the raw materials and herbal medicines at lakshmi seva sangham ChinnalapattiDuraisankar, MDavid Ravindran, A
2-Aug-2019Optimization of factors influencing growth and lipid production of chlorella Vulgaris and nitzschia palea for biodiesel productionJosephine Jenifa, LDavid Ravindran, A
17-Jun-2015Recycling of tannery sludge along with organic wastes by compostingBhana Rajan, MSDavid Ravindran, A
17-Oct-2018Screening genetic and cytogenetic mapping of certain genes during in vitro biotization with diazotrophs in induced callusHaris, PDavid Ravindran, A
19-Feb-2015Studies on the interaction of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and collar rot of groundnetKannan, G SDavid Ravindran, A
24-Sep-2018Termite diversity and effect of inoculating microbial consortia from trinervitermes trinervoides sjost on zea mays lSathya Bama, PDavid Ravindran, A