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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Feb-2017A New air shower array investigation on electron component of air showersGoswami, Gopal ChandraChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017A Study of sensitivity of different high energy interaction models by the cosmic ray extensive air shower technique at the energy levels of 10 14 eVSanyal, SubrataChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017A Study of the fundamental properties of cosmic ray extensive air showers determination of shower age and angular distributionChakrabarty, ChandibrataChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017A Study of the structures of electrons and mouns in cosmic ray extensive air showersChhetri, Rabin KumarChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017Atomic pair production in the threshold regionBasu, Jahnabi BhushanChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017Investigation on photon interactions in matter I elastic scattering of photons by atomic bound electrons II elastic scattering of photons by electrostatic field of the nucleusSengupta, Swapan KumarChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017Measurements of the characteristics of cosmic ray extensive air showers by NBU air shower arrayBasak, Dhiraj KumarChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017New studies on high energy cosmic ray extensive air showers detected at sea level with emphasis on the observation of celestial ultra high energy Gamma ray sourcesBhadra, ArunavaChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017New studies on structure of air showers in the size range 10 4 10 6 particlesChakravartty, NripatiChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017Studies on extensive air showersBhattacharyya, BhaskarChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017Studies on low and high energy particles in cosmic ray extensive air showers observed in the earths atmosphereSaha, GopalChoudhuri, N
23-Feb-2017Study of the scattering of photons near absorption edgesGhose, Sujit KumarChoudhuri, N