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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jul-2014British Labour Party's attitude and policy towards India : 1964 to 1970Chander ParkashChopra, H S
22-Aug-2014The British Labour Partys attitude towards European unity, 1964 75Rao, Venkateshwar PonugotiChopra, H S
10-Dec-2013Co-determination in West German industry: its relevance to Indian industrial relationsGhosh, SomnathChopra, H S
16-Jan-2014Competitiveness of Indian textiles in the EEC: 1974-85Sharma, Om ParkashChopra, H S
13-Feb-2015EC S single market without non tariff barriers NTBs: challenges and opportunities for indian exportsBhattacharya, Swapan KChopra, H S
6-Mar-2014Economic liberalization in the eastern part of Germany (the former GDR) and India: a comparative studyPrasad, Lokesh KChopra, H S
11-Dec-2013EEC-India development cooperation: the role of the GATT, IMF and UNCTADSaxena, Sada ShankarChopra, H S
26-Dec-2013Eureka: a framework for European high technology communityManjunath, G NVivekanandan, B; Chopra, H S
6-Mar-2014European single market : its 'trade creation' and 'trade diversion' effects - implications for IndiaPanda, SridharChopra, H S
10-Mar-2014French policy of national nuclear independence (1981-1994): its rationale and relevance to IndiaArya, RakaChopra, H S
10-Mar-2014Role and impact of mass media in election campaigning in Germany, USA and India: a case study of the elections held in early 1990sJethwaney, Jaishri.Chopra, H S
25-Feb-2013A survey of resources and services of Polytechnic College Libraries of Punjab and ChandigarhSingh, GurmeetChopra, H S
6-Mar-2014Technology transfer from Germany and France to India case studies of heavy machinery and nuclear energySulaiman, Naushad AnwarChopra, H S
6-Mar-2014Unified Germany and resurgence of the ultra right wing militancyKhati, PrasenjitChopra, H S
13-Feb-2015United Germany, European Union and changing pattern of European securityBava, Ummu Salma.Chopra, H S