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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
22-Sep-2017Certain investigations in riemannian and semi riemannian geometriesGhoshal, Pratip KumarChaki, M C
31-Oct-2017Certain investigations in riemannian geometryKar, Swapan KumarChaki, M C
9-Aug-2018Certain investigations in Riemannian geometryKonar, ArabindaChaki, M C
20-Jun-2017On some types of riemannian spacesChowdhury, Ahindra Nath RoyChaki, M C
19-Jun-2017On some types of riemannian spacesGhosh, DipakChaki, M C
21-Jun-2017Some contributions to the geometry of Riemannian manifoldsSaha, Swapan KumarChaki, M C
20-Jun-2017Some investigations in riemannian geometryGupta, BandanaChaki, M C
20-Jun-2017Some type of riemannian and affinely connected spacesSharma, KamalakantChaki, M C
21-Jun-2017Some types of affinely connected and riemannian spacesKumar, GauriChaki, M C
21-Jun-2017Some types of riemannian spacesD E, Uday ChandChaki, M C
14-Jun-2017Sripatis MathematicsSinha, KripanathChaki, M C
31-Oct-2017Study of certain types of riemannian manifoldsKole, SanatanChaki, M C
28-Jul-2017Study of certain types of riemannian manifoldsTarafdar, ManjushaChaki, M C
10-Oct-2017Study of some types of quasi Einstein manifolds and their applications in the general theory of relativity and cosmologyBandyopadhyay, MahuyaChaki, M C
10-Oct-2017Study of some types of riemannian and semi riemannian manifoldsMaity, RamkrishnaChaki, M C
11-Oct-2017Study of some types of Riemannian manifoldsChaki, BalaiChaki, M C