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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Oct-2011An analysis of skills, motor abilities and psychological components as predictive factors of Basketball playing ability at different levels of achievementHasrani, S SBrar, T S
3-Nov-2011Assessment of gender difference on aggression, anxiety and achievement motivation among sports persons from different sportsRazia, K IBrar, T S
25-Oct-2011Assessment of psychomotor ability of volleyball players of different levels of achievementYadav, Ravindra KumarBrar, T S
3-Nov-2011The comparative effect of an aerobic dance, calisthenics and circuit training on selected psychomotor variables of secondary school girlsSushitra, TBrar, T S
30-Sep-2011Comparative effects of different training menus for speed developmentJose, T PBrar, T S
2-Nov-2011Comparative study of physical and physiological profiles of Basketball and Handball playersGajendra, PrakashBrar, T S
31-Oct-2011Construction of Basketball fundamental skills test for boys in the age group of sixteen to eighteen yearsNarayanaswamy, GovindarajuluBrar, T S
24-Oct-2011A cross sectional study of growth patterns of different ethnic groups and their corresponding relationship with motor fitnessMathews, S OBrar, T S
25-Oct-2011Effect of aerobic and anaerobic interval running with varying recovery times on cardio-respiratory functions, physical work capacity and lean body weightSrivastava, Vijay KumarBrar, T S
30-Sep-2011Effect of an adapted physical education programme with and without reward upon motor performance of educable and trainable mentally retarded individualsVivekanandhan, TBrar, T S
1-Nov-2011Effects of concentric, eccentric and combination of concentric and eccentric types of training on muscular strength, muscular hypertrophy and mucular powerKumar, AjayBrar, T S
24-Oct-2011Effects of varying levels of physical fatigue on selected psychomotor and motor ability components of sportsmen and non-sportsmenGill, RanjotBrar, T S
2-Nov-2011Evaluation of specific skills and strategy in Badminton through subjective and objective criteriaYadav, Shorya KumarBrar, T S
24-Oct-2011Multivariate analysis of obese and non-obese college men and its implications in trainingGopal, KrishnaBrar, T S
31-Oct-2011Physical physiological and psychological profiles of university athletesJoseph, P TBrar, T S
30-Sep-2011Psychological profiles of physical education personnel working at various levels of educationKrishan, CBrar, T S