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30-Jan-2017Abolition of devadasi system in the Madras presidency its impact on Tamil society and culture _1927_1998_Bose, SSadasivan, K
16-Nov-2017An intelligent and multivariate statistical approach for hybrid network intrusion detection systemS, Aneetha ABose, S
24-Nov-2017An intrusion detection system against DDoS attack using trust evaluation mechanism in ManetM, PoongodiBose, S
9-Aug-2018Biochemical and biological assessment of compound poultry feeds development of some rapid methods for the evaluation of compounded poultry rationsDatta, Salil ChandraBose, S
15-Mar-2018Certain investigations on shunt active power filter for twelve pulse converter using source current detection approachrajesh, tBose, S
27-Jul-2017Cytogenetic effects of single and combined treatments of physical and chemical mutagens in green gram phaseolus aureus and black gram phaseolus mungoBandyopadhyay, BandanaBose, S
26-Jul-2017Cytogenetic studies of x ray effects on corchorus capsularis L and corchorus olitorius L and evaluation of some intervarieal hybrids of corchorus capsularis L and corchorus olitorius LJoseph, JosyBose, S
26-Jul-2017Cytological studies and the effects of irradiation and chemicals on capsicum and pisum speciesBanerjee, BiswaranjanBose, S
15-Sep-2014Efficient key management schemes for secure multicast communicationVijayakumar, PBose, S
15-Mar-2018Efficient push based XML data broadcast for wireless networkP, PrabhavathyBose, S
25-Mar-2019Efficient secure labeling schemes for dynamic xml content disseminationS, SankariBose, S
14-Nov-2017Efficient user preference analysis for dynamic query personalizationN, BuvaneswariBose, S
20-Jun-2017Quantitative studies on natural and induced variation in Aman winter paddyChoudhury, Arun Kumar RoyBose, S
3-Oct-2018Self help groups in rural social transformation a study in Reddiyarchatram block Dindigul district TamilnaduBose, SGurusamy, S
20-Jun-2017Studies on induced mutation in jute corchorus capsularis L and C olitorius L by single and combined treatments with x rays and chemicalsBandyopadhyay, BinaBose, S
20-Jun-2017Studies on induced mutation in rice oriza sativa L by single and combined treatments with x ray dimethyl sulphoxide and triethanolamineSinha, Triveni ShankarBose, S
20-Jun-2017Studies on induced mutation in rice oryza sativa L by single and combined treatments with x rays and chemical mutagensSaha, AmitaBose, S
26-Jul-2017Studies on induced mutation in tomato Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill by single and combined treatments with x rays and chemicalsMaiti, Satyendra NathBose, S
26-Jul-2017Studies on some botanical and agronomical aspects of malachra capitata L and flax linum usitatissimum LBasu, Narayan ChandraBose, S
20-Jun-2017Transfer of rectangular bundle shape of an x ray induced variant of corchorus capsularis to two standard strains JRC 212 and D 154 cytology of diallel crosses of five radiation induced mutants and intensity of mutant expression and changes in associated characters of derived mutantsSingh, Dharam PalBose, S