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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
12-Apr-2017A comparative study of television for higher education in Canada and IndiaAbraham, NargisBhiday, M R
2-Feb-2017A study of electret behaviourRao, Sudha SubbaBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017A study of radio frequency discharges by double probe methodDeshmukh, Shrikant VasantBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017A study of the 8 MeV race track microtron and its beam energy measurements using e_e scatteringBhalla, R KBhiday, M R
12-Apr-2017A study of the factors influencing patterns of mass media use and gratifications among adolescents in IndiaReddi, Usha VyasuluBhiday, M R
2-Feb-2017Biophysical studies on the interaction of lectins with mammalian cellsSainis, Krishna B; Warkari, Hemant ShridharPhondke, G P; Bhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017Design and fabrication of polarisation transformer with vertical focussing and Motts scattering assembly for measurement of helicity of beta particleBanerjee, S SBhiday, M R
18-Jan-2017Design studies of microtron electron accelerator with application to the Cherenkov radiation in millimeter wave rangeAsgekar, V BBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017Development communication with rural massesJambhekar, Hemangee AbhayBhiday, M R
30-Jan-2017Experimental investigations of thin dielectric layers under electron bombardmentQureshi, M HBhiday, M R
23-Feb-2017Generation of model inputs and submodels in combat modelling for use in classroom environmentMadan, Colonel Madan LBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017Measurement of electron drift velocities and average energy under crossed electric and magnetic fields in airDavid, Sunil KumarBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017Studies of field emission and electrical conduction in thin filmsGhodgaonkar, A MBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017Study of auger electron energies for lithium_3_to uranium_92Kane, Sandhya AshokBhiday, M R
24-Jan-2017Television in higher education _ a study of relevance of countrywide classroom television programmes to students of Bangalore universityRao, LeelaBhiday, M R