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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Aug-2017A critical examination of aesthetic categories_A study in logical and aesthetic predicationArgade, Savita SBarlingay, S S
11-May-2017A critical examination of gaudapada s philosopliy in the mandukya karikasDeshpande, Sharad SBarlingay, S S
10-Apr-2017A critical examination of kant_s aesthetic theory with special reference to beautifulPande, KrantiprabhaBarlingay, S S
8-May-2017A critical examination of the philosophy of sankaracarya with special reference to the brahmasutrabhasyaMarathe, N PBarlingay, S S
24-Jul-2017A critical study of tribals aesthetic approach to realityKavimandan, B JBarlingay, S S
4-Apr-2017A study in the philosophy of social change_ the ideas of some liberal thinkers of nineteenth century Maharashtra and their relevance to modernizationBarnabas, ManoramaBarlingay, S S
10-Apr-2017A study of the biblical doctrine of salvation and the concept of Mukti in Advaita Vendanta according to ShankaraPhilip, Ponvelil JohnBarlingay, S S
24-Jul-2017An investigation in fallacious discussed in indian logic with special reference to ancient nyaya and buddhismGokhale, Pradeep PBarlingay, S S
12-May-2017Approaches to personhood in Indian thoughtKesarcodi-Watson, IanBarlingay, S S
11-May-2017Christian influence in modern Indian thought with special reference to the brahmo samaj _ a study in philosophy of religionJacob, Plamthodathil SamuelBarlingay, S S
10-Apr-2017Critical examination of mill_s theory of utilitarianismPhadnis, Hemlata SBarlingay, S S
12-May-2017Historising as a method for a new philosophical understanding of the problem of religious languageMaria Ignatius, IBarlingay, S S
29-May-2017Indian renaissance a fresh studyBelsare, Vaijayanti ArunBarlingay, S S
12-May-2017Models and conceptual frameworks in philosophy of social sciencesSaroja Sundara Rajan, P TBarlingay, S S
12-Apr-2017Moral and political concepts underlying panchatantraKale, Anjali DBarlingay, S S
12-May-2017Nagarjuna_a fresh studyKetkar, B GBarlingay, S S
13-Oct-2017Philosophy of work_oriented education in context of democratic socialistic IndiaSharma, Jai KishanBarlingay, S S
26-May-2017Problem of relations in indian logic with special reference to nyaya LogicKetkar, BharatiBarlingay, S S
12-May-2017Studies in the theory of valueRoy, Pradip KumarBarlingay, S S
28-Sep-2017The concepts of will and obligation in the philosophical thought of jean jacques rousseauBhelke, S EBarlingay, S S