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8-Jan-2018Deferral of senescence can improve grain filling in late flowering spikelets of rice panicleMohapatra, RashmiMohapatra, P K
8-Jan-2018Hierarchy in tiller development and physiology of unequal partitioning of assimilates between tillers and its inheritance in riceKariali, EkamberMohapatra, P K
8-Jan-2018Physico chemical behaviour and yield performance of rice Effect of different irrigation schedules under varying levels of soil fertility and environmental conditions on physico chemical behaviour yield performance of rice JajatiDash, AchyutanandaMohapatra, P K
10-Jan-2018Physiology of inflorescence growth and development in rice varieties differing in duration of growthSahu, Sushil KumarMohapatra, P K
25-Oct-2016Punishment a philosophical analysisPatnaik, BishnupriyaMohapatra, P K
10-Jan-2018Regulation of spikelet development in rice panicle by growth substancesPatel, RajeshMohapatra, P K
8-Jan-2018Role of ethylene in spikelet development of riceNaik, Pradeep KumarMohapatra, P K
8-Jan-2018Role of seed coat in pre storage transport of assimilates in developing kernels of contrasting rice cultivarsKuanar, Sandhya RaniMohapatra, P K
26-Oct-2016Studies on soil microbial population and metabolism of conventional and organic agroecosystems in Khurda district of OrissaChhotaray, DebasmitaMohapatra, P K
30-Sep-2013Studies on the separation of carrier free Y-90 from SR-90 using Diglycolamide extractantsDutta, SubrataMohapatra, P K
19-Sep-2013Studies on the separation of Cesium and Strontium from acidic solutions using liquid membranesKandwal, PankajMohapatra, P K
24-Sep-2012Studies on the transport behavior of actinides and lanthanides across supported liquid membranes containing Di Glycolamide carriersPanja, SurajitMohapatra, P K
25-Jan-2018The concept of human action an analytical studyMohanty, Saroj KumarMohapatra, P K
28-Oct-2016The possibility of metaphysics in the light of Wittgensteins philosophyChattopadhyaya, Siva ProkashMohapatra, P K