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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on hot wall deposited CuInSe2 thin films for solar cell applicationsAgilan, SMangalaraj, D
7-Jul-2016Physical investigations on pure indium doped and ion implanted cadmium sulphide thin films deposited by vacuum evaporationSenthil, KMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on vacuum evaporated amorphous and polycrystalline GaSe thin filmsThamilselvan, MMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on vacuum evaporated inxse100 x x 30 50 and 70 thin filmsViswanathan, CMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Physical investigations on vanadium pentoxide thin films deposited by vacuum evaporation and pulsed laser depositionKumar, R T RajendraMangalaraj, D
7-Jul-2016Physical properties of transparent and electrically conducting CdO thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis and DC reactive magnetron sputteringGurumurugan, KMangalaraj, D
1-Jul-2016Preparation and characterization of pure and iodine doped polyvinyl alcohol and polymethyl methacrylate thin filmsKulanthaisami, SMangalaraj, D
1-Jul-2016Preparation and characterization of tin selenide and tin telluride thin filmsSuguna, PMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Preparation characterization and applications of some conducting polymers and blend filmsSakthivel, SMangalaraj, D
4-Jul-2016Studies on ion plated aluminium nitride and silicon nitride thin filmsMangalaraj, DRadhakrishnan, M
4-Jul-2016Synthesis characterization and gas sensing applications of indium oxide thin films and nanoparticlesSeetha, MMangalaraj, D
15-Jul-2016Synthesis preparation characterization and applications of polyaniline metallophthalocyanine and their blend filmsShekar, B ChandarMangalaraj, D