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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
3-May-2016Change in teaching behaviour as a function of inculcation of values predicting teachers effectivenessSheela, SheelaGakhar, Sudesh
21-Apr-2016Cognitive styles needs and values of high and low creative adolescentsVasesi, RamaGakhar, Sudesh
13-Apr-2016Comparative study of career maturity and attitude towards modernity of Backward and non Backward class high school students in relation to socio economic statusKumar, SanjeevGakhar, Sudesh
18-Apr-2016Comparative study of school climate and satisfaction as mediating variables of educational environment and their relationship with students academic achievement in demonstration and non demonstration schools of ThailandPluangnuch, NittayaGakhar, Sudesh
21-Apr-2016Curriculum design for seventh grade Physics based upon piagetian concrete and formal operations and Skinnerian theory of reinforcementGrover, Swaym PrabhaGakhar, Sudesh
24-May-2016Development of moral judgement among children at concrete and formal operational stages and its relationship with the variables of home and educational environmentBhargava, InduGakhar, Sudesh
13-Apr-2016Differential effect of career guidance strategies on vocational maturity patterns in relation to sex intelligence and need achievementTulsi, Paramjit KaurGakhar, Sudesh
21-Apr-2016Differential predictive efficiency of creativity and intelligence for academic achievement at two piagetian stages of concrete thinking and formal thinkingBehal, AshaGakhar, Sudesh
18-Apr-2016Effectiveness of competency based and committment oriented curriculum for quality teacher education at secondary levelDogra, SuruchiGakhar, Sudesh
13-Apr-2016Effectiveness of token economy procedures on the academic performance of grade I II and III students with learning disabiltiesDhillon, SimranGakhar, Sudesh
24-May-2016Impact of case based pedagogy on prospective elementary teachers class room behaviour and students learning in certain geographical conceptsKumar, SachinderGakhar, Sudesh
21-Apr-2016Job satisfaction of home science teachers its relationship with personal professional and organizational characteristicskaur, BalvinderGakhar, Sudesh
22-Apr-2016Modular approach to science curriculum and its effectiveness in value orientation of ninth grade studentsSharma, Narottam KumarGakhar, Sudesh
13-Apr-2016Re searching secondary teacher trainees in distance education and face to face mode study of their background variables personal characteristics and academic performanceRani, MamtaGakhar, Sudesh
12-Apr-2016Socio psychological correlates of modernity its implications for the enrichment of intellectual climate of Panjab UniversityChawla, RomillaGakhar, Sudesh
12-Apr-2016Study of intellectual climate of teacher education institutions in relation to organizational role stress and personality of teacher educatorsKaura, NeenaGakhar, Sudesh
25-Apr-2016Study of leadership behaviour and human resource development in relation to total quality management in secondary and senior secondary schools of UT ChandigarhManinderjit, ManinderjitGakhar, Sudesh
3-May-2016Study of role performance of heads of primary schools in Orissa in relation to selected personal and institutional factorsKumar, Nath RabindraGakhar, Sudesh
15-Apr-2016Study of role performance of heads of primary schools in Orissa in relation to selected personal and institutional factorsKumar, Nath RabindraGakhar, Sudesh
11-Apr-2016Study of self esteem and mental health of orthopaedically handicapped in relation to their employment status in IranAbadi, Shahnaz Tabatabaei YahyaGakhar, Sudesh