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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
7-Jul-2014Aspects of N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine transport and metabolism in yeastSingh, Bal RajDatta, Asis
12-Mar-2014Cloning and analysis of the Glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase gene from Candida albicansKumar, M JyothiDatta, Asis
3-Dec-2014Cloning and expression of a d mannosidase for increased shelf life in fruits and vegetable cropsMeli, Vijaykumar SDatta, Asis
3-Mar-2014Development of oxalate free soybean using OXDC gene from F. velutipesVinay KumarDatta, Asis; Chakraborty, Subhra
9-Oct-2017Enzymatic phosphorylation and epimerization of N acetyl glucosamine in animal tissuesDatta, AsisGhosh, Sudhamoy
5-Aug-2014Enzyme and gene therapy using oxalate degrading enzyme for kidney stone treatmentThakur, Sarjeet SinghDatta, Asis
12-Mar-2014Genes involved in the Signal Transduction Pathway in Candida albicansSingh, PraveenDatta, Asis
5-Mar-2014Molecular analysis of gene encoding seed storage protein from Amaranthus hypochondriacusBiswas, SubhraDatta, Asis
6-Mar-2014N-Acetylglucosamine regulated general amino acid permease, CaGAP1 synthesis and its role in morphogenesis and pathogenecity in Candida albicansBiswas, SubhrajitDatta, Asis
7-Jan-2014Over expression of AmA1, a seed albumin from Amaranthus hypochondriacus in rice to improve nutritional qualitySharma, Ajay KumarDatta, Asis
11-Dec-2013Protein kinases in yeastRoy, Bipasha GuptaDatta, Asis
10-Mar-2014Regulation of expressioin of oxalate decarboxylase gene from Collybia VelutipesAzam, MohammadDatta, Asis
24-Feb-2014Regulation of expression of acid proteinase related gene from Candida albicansMalathi, KDatta, Asis
8-Mar-2014Regulation of expression of inducible glucosamine -6- phosphate deaminase gene (NAG1) in candida albicansJamaluddin, Md SahaDatta, Asis
24-Dec-2013Regulation of N-acetylglucosamine kinase and deacetylase in yeastRai, Yogendra prasadDatta, Asis
3-Dec-2014Role of an N Acetylglucosamine inducible serine Kinase in Candida albicans and N Acetygkucosamine Catabolic Genes in Vibro CholeraeGhosh, AwagtaDatta, Asis
12-Jun-2014Role of N-acetylglucosamine catabolic pathway in morphogenesis and virulence of candida albicansGhosh, SharmisthaDatta, Asis
3-Mar-2014Search for pathogenesis related genes in chickpeaGhai, DeepaliDatta, Asis
26-Feb-2014Studies of RNA and protein synthesis during barley embryo germinationAvinashi, Manju PuriDatta, Asis
16-Nov-2016Studies on a 7 sterol c 5 desaturase from flammulina velutipesJha, AyushiDatta, Asis